Get to know the team behind Learning to Quit

Deirdre Kennedy, Marketing

As an independent content producer and radio reporter for 20+ years, Deirdre has produced interviews, feature stories, and radio shows for NPR, BBC World Service, Intel Labs, XM radio, and many others. Deirdre covers a wide range of topics from the Arts to Politics. While she specializes in health care, she met Paul and Suzanne through their smoking cessation clinic at UCSF (now the Fontana Tobacco Treatment Center).

I hated myself for loving cigarettes so much. I would puff my asthma inhaler so I could take another drag off a cigarette. Being terrified of the health hazards, I was always quitting—for weeks, months, even years—until the trap door of my resolve would drop for a moment and I’d light up again. As former smokers, Suzanne and Paul talked about relapse with compassion, not judgment. When they explained the brain chemistry behind nicotine addiction, it helped me stop beating myself and reframe my emotional connection with cigarettes. I rejected the idea that cigarettes were “lifelong friends” always there to rescue me in a crisis and started to think of cigarettes as kidnappers constantly demanding cash in exchange for false hope—while fully intending to kill me. Thanks to Fontana, I finally chose life over cigarettes in 2004 and never looked back.

Deirdre’s responsibilities for Learning to Quit include marketing and online content development.

Greg Feldman, Editorial

Living in the foothills of Colorado with his dogs, cats, pigs, bunnies, chinchillas, mice, birds, snakes, lizards, frogs, tarantulas, fish, tortoise, scorpion, wife, and daughters, Greg has been working with content for 20+ years. While photography and websites are the bulk of Greg’s work, books hold a special place in his heart; he has edited the last seven editions of Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine, along with dozens of other medical texts.

Greg’s responsibilities for Learning to Quit include editing, project management, and website architecture.

Kelsey Martin, Design

Kelsey has been a lover of all things creative since she was a little girl growing up in South Dakota, and as an adult she turned that passion into a career in Digital Design. From brand exploration to marketing collateral, to editorial design, to photo editing—she dabbles in it all.

While she calls Denver, Colorado home, she’s perpetually out exploring the world. In 2018 she achieved her goal of traveling to all seven continents. She recently adopted a Shiba Inu pup named Mochi and is already completely smitten with her new adventure buddy.

Kelsey’s responsibilities for Learning to Quit include print and eBook layout, as well as graphic design.