Training Your Brain

by Suzanne Harris, Co-author of Learning to Quit
February 12, 2019

After you’ve quit smoking for a while, you may find yourself unexpectedly craving a cigarette when you see someone smoke. It’s not unusual for the brain to automatically respond to triggers, but you can short-circuit those signals with the power of thought.

Develop and practice a short, positive statement you can repeat to yourself to help you stay positive and happy about your smoke free life.

A longtime member of our smoking cessation group noticed that whenever she saw someone smoking, a thought would arise: “I wish I could have that.” She decided to re-program her brain by changing the message to: “I’m so glad I don’t have to do that anymore.” At first, she didn’t’ really believe that statement, but as she repeated it over and over again, it became her truth.

Think of a phrase that would help reinforce your commitment to living tobacco-free.


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